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After purchasing an abandoned storage unit containing 60,000 vinyl records, renowned Captiva artist Rene Miville faced the tough question of what to do with all those records. Then he had the idea to ask artists to use the albums or their covers, or both, to create art. The result is “Turn Turn Turn,” an exhibition of artists’ uses of the vinyl records that they personally selected, curated by Miville.

“Turn Turn Turn” is being shown at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center in Fort Myers but will be staged in different settings in other cities throughout the U.S. with other artists. The artists’ responses are insightful and varied, ranging from conceptual turns to a sixteen-foot-tall guardian robot.

Participating artists are Amy Luettich, Angela Weiss, Cesar Aguilera, Chris Carver, Dan Palermo, Dave Kellum, David Hammel, David Hatchett, Dawn Ingram, Eric Riemenschneider, Hillary Kern, Jeffery Scott Lewis, Jenna Gorsuch, Joseph Frantz, Justin Kazmareck, Lillian Palmon, Lily Hatchett, Matthew Engle, Mirella Miville, Nicole Fous Long, Pat Collins, Petra Kaiser, Ronnie Ford, Raymond Hernandez, R. Jackson, Scott Guelcher , Stewart Montague, Tarra Wood, Terry Tincture, Troy Thomas, and VYD.


In 2010 R. Jackson won "Best of Show," for the work he designed and built, a robot entitled The Guardian of Vinyl that is created out of recycled vinyl records and album covers. The 17-foot structure was also selected to be featured in the same exhibit at the Fort Myers International Airport.

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