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Rocko's Big Launch

In 1995, Yolande and I were expecting our first child Harmony and like most parents, we had a dream for her future. We wanted to surround her with images that would promote self-love and encourage her to actualize her potential.


We both were teachers and understood the pros and cons in available systems and processes. We believed that something else was needed to inspire her to creatively think beyond constraints. We wanted to have something special that would allow her to continually visualize success.


At this time, I was a preschool teacher and one day I was monitoring recess outdoors.  A small group of toddlers came up to me with sad faces because a basketball they found was deflated and split open. I explained to them that the ball “was sad too” as I said this, I gently squeezed it, so it appeared to be talking. That simple act instantly transformed the situation. Then, it was like a light switched on, and I could see an image of a little boy. I took it home that evening, told Yolande the story and began adding eyes and other facial features to the split basketball and eventually added a body, arms, and legs until it was transformed into what looked like a bright-eyed little boy. Yolande was so inspired by what I had done that she quickly gave the puppet a story, and said, “His name is Rocko, and he loves rockets.” That day,  Rocko Rocket was born.


Although Rocko Rocket was created for our child, it didn’t take long for us to realize that Rocko Rocket could become a powerful vehicle to encourage all children to visualize their dreams and reach for their potential. The image of the rocket for us symbolizes the popular saying, “The sky is the limit.”  We want every child to know that there are limitless possibilities for those who dream and learn to persevere.


In the summer of 2012, we launched our first successful Kickstarter campaign. This gave us the money we needed to finish production and print Rocko’s Big Launch, our  picture book about a boy who has a passion for rockets and the determination to accomplish his goals.


We have started development on the Rocko Rocket TV series, which makes science cool and encourages kids to dream big, collaborate with others and think creatively. In the summer of 2014, we launched our second successful Kickstarter campaign to begin development on the primary assets for the series. Later in 2014 Rocko’s Big Launch won 1st place (children’s book catagory) in Writers Digest‘s Self-Published book competition.




Books Available at:


Central Terminal Before Checkpoint, Terminal F, 2nd Level

Miami International Airport

(305) 869-8473


The Bookstore in the Grove

3390 Mary St, Miami, FL 33133
(305) 443-2855


Miami Children's Museum

980 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132

(305) 373-5437

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