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2010 - DONUPOP 1

A unique art movement has emerged combining the dynamic and interrelated worlds of comics, anime and hip-hop, with the elements of modern cinema. This movement celebrates its multi-cultural, international influence on science fiction, action and adventure and other confluences within and surrounding present day artistic culture. 

This movement is defined by an inspired, original approach to existing media that redefines the media itself.

This new genre is called “Donu” in tribute to the famed hip-hop producer J. Dilla whose last work, the magnum opus Donuts left an indelible mark on that industry. “Donu” also makes reference to Katsuhiro Otomo’s masterpiece Domu. Katsuhiro Otomo has not only revolutionized anime in Japan but also redefined  animation storytelling in the global entertainment environment.

R. Jackson credited with coining the term “Donu” brings this sensibility into his pop art and calls it “Donu Pop”. “I’m interested in how the products we consume become artifacts of our thought processes and behavior.” Says Jackson. “I’m also interested in how the imagery used in marketing these products effects us, and how we use these images and products to define ourselves.” 

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